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girl on dock
August 17, 2017
Why are we restless?
Yesterday was a perfect day.  It’s seldom I say that about a 24 hour period…but it was.  I woke up next to my sweet husband. We both had the day off so we decided to go on an adventure.  We jumped in his truck and drove two hours across the United States border t ...
winding road sideways
Most of us have spent a lifetime politely accepting catch phrases that seem to have God’s character and plan tied up in a tidy bow.  “God has a plan for you.”   “His way is the right way.”  “He’s good all the time, and all the time He’s good.” ...
Beyond the Tinsel Christmas
December 22, 2016
Beyond the Tinsel Christmas
I don’t know if the words “Three days till Christmas” evoke terror in you, but they sure do me!  Every year I think I’ll be more organized; more on top of things; more relaxed and therefore able to roam the aisles and shop, cook, and decorate with ease.  L ...
November 12, 2016
Real America
It’s been a strange week in America.  It seems we’re walking on egg shells, tip-toeing in sand…afraid to smile or cry because there are so many sides to so many stories and we’re not sure which stories we want or need to tell. The morning after the elect ...

In sharing struggles, as well as triumphs, Gari Mecham ultimately shows us a new understanding of prayer-not just the worrying kind but authentic, powerful communication. Spirit Hunger invites us to enter into a whole new relationship with our Lord.

-Debbie Macomber,
New York Times bestselling author