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Gari is a popular international speaker who can custom design a message for any type of gathering.  She speaks at men’s and women’s events, churches, conferences, educational forums, fundraising hubs, retreats, and inspirational kick-offs.

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More than Bathrobe Belief
It’s a Girl Thing
From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs
The “Yes” Sayers…Having the Guts to Live Out Your Call

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The Gari Meacham Podcast. The official podcast of Author, Speaker, Teacher, and Ministry President Gari Meacham. Listen here.


Booking Inquiries may also contact: trulyfed@aol.com

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The Show

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The Blog

In sharing struggles, as well as triumphs, Gari Mecham ultimately shows us a new understanding of prayer-not just the worrying kind but authentic, powerful communication. Spirit Hunger invites us to enter into a whole new relationship with our Lord.

-Debbie Macomber,
New York Times bestselling author