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Truly Fed Ministries is a non-profit (501c3), nondenominational Christian ministry that invites people to an authenticity with God.  Stripping away our culture’s pull towards counterfeit longings; TFM encourages people to engage God through prayer, Bible study, and relationships.  Through books, speaking events, conferences, outreach in Uganda, and more—Truly Fed Ministries leads people to an inspiring huddle of hope and adventure; encouraging people to be Truly Fed and filled by God.


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The Reach Abroad
The Vine Uganda is a community outreach center in Kamuli, Uganda. Our mission is to:

  • Rescue children (provide medical treatment, school placement, long-term provision, and care)
  • Provide support for widows and the vulnerable
  • Offer spiritual outreach to the four villages surrounding Kamuli

SHINE! With Gari & Ally
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Reaching the YouTube audience with fun tips for bright living.

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A weekly blog that shares Gari’s authentic love for God and life.
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The Show

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The Blog

In sharing struggles, as well as triumphs, Gari Mecham ultimately shows us a new understanding of prayer-not just the worrying kind but authentic, powerful communication. Spirit Hunger invites us to enter into a whole new relationship with our Lord.

-Debbie Macomber,
New York Times bestselling author